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Rump Pump Buttocks Cream

New Rump Pump Cream - 57 grams or 2.0 oz - Female Butt Enlargement Enhancement
The most effective Butt enhancement available, made with plant based ingredients and a scientific formulation designed to give you REAL results. Environmentally safe ingredients that wont harm your skin and smells great!

Made and Shipped from the USA

  • Improved New Version
  • Increase Your Curves
  • For Female Body Enhancement
NEW Cream Version
It almost seems unfair. Some women have that shapely hourglass figure that turns heads. But how can you achieve that same sexy figure? By using our natural booty enhancement complex that’s how! Brand New Booty™ Buttock Enlargement is a quick and easy solution that may help in creating a round, apple bottom figure with full buttocks. Finally, a simple solution that requires no shots, injections or other risky surgical procedures.

Our new cream based enhancement formulation is the perfect complement to using the Brand New Booty capsules. This cream, is directly applied to the buttocks area to target and help shape and enhance this area with a lipofilling-like effect. The cream is lightly scented and dries clear, with no residue. It can be safely used under all clothes and is best applied two times per day. Formulated with an Asian plant extract that stimulates the differentiation and proliferation of adipocytes, and promote the storage of lipids, our Booty Support cream helps to enhance the volume of fatty tissue's.Brand New Booty Buttock Enlargement - Discover the brand new you today!
Of course anyone taking our products will have to still do regular buttock exercises to to help grow their buttocks. All our peoducts come with a free butt exercise ebook and videos.
• Anemarrhenae Asphodeloides (Root) Extract.
• Squalane.
• Hydrogenated Polyisbutene.
Brand New Booty Cream. Contains ingredients that remodels the contours of the body through a cosmetic lipofilling-like action.
(INCI:Hydrogenated polyisobutene (and) Anemarrhenae asphodeloides (root) extract ) is a nonhormonal treatment that stimulates adipocyte differentiation, proliferation and volume with a plant-derived molecule in order to bring volume where it is needed. The plant-derived molecule formulated into the ingredient is an extract of Anemarrhena asphodeloides, a perennial evergreen that grows in Eastern Asia.





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