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Bio Rhythm Kre-Alkalyn Compound

240 capsules - KRE-ALKALYN for Bigger Butt Workouts

Creatine technology has advanced tremendously in the last twelve years. Its performance enhancing potential has been well documented with countless satisfied users. BioRhythm's new Kre-Alkalyn Compound™ gives you the only patented creatine for superior results.*

What Is Creatinine?

  • Creatine is a natural compound produced by the kidneys, pancreas, and liver that plays an important role in releasing energy when the body moves quickly or powerfully.
  • When used correctly by healthy individuals, significant research suggests it’s a safe supplement.
  • Creatine monohydrate is the most well known and widely used among sports professionals.
  • In addition to being used by athletes, creatine is now being used more and more in clinical settings to help treat Parkinson’s disease and heart failure, among other conditions

Kre-Alkalyn Compound™ eliminates the necessary loading phase and the associated inconveniences of conventional creatines.*

The new Kre-Alkalyn Compound™ represents the best creatine has to offer plus the benefits of muscle pump and vascularity support.* Add this anabolic agent to any pre-existing workout routine or supplement stack for increase bioavailability.*

For an absolutely supercharged workout and long lasting muscle engorgement, try stacking Kre-Alkalyn Compound™ with BioRhythm's great-tasting Arnge Krush™.*

Kre-Alkalyn® Plus More...

In all of its glory is still just creatine. Kre-Alkalyn Compound™ combines effective and well researched cell volumizers to transform any creatine into a powerhouse of strength and size waiting to explode.*

Kre-Alkalyn Compound™
6,8-Thioctic Acid (R and S Isomers Alpha Lipoic Acid)

  • Support ATP Production (Strength)*
  • Support Blood Flow*

Vanadyl Sulfate

  • Promote Blood Glucose Uptake (More Energy)*
  • Promotes Vascularity*
  • Complements Creatine Metabolism*

Chromium Picolinate

  • Supports Normal, Healthy Glucose Levels*
  • Eliminates "yo-yo" body weight (support muscle building and maintenance)*

Experience all the power of Kre-Alkalyn™ with the added benefits of optimized absorption, vascularity, and muscular expansion.*

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