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Flatter Stomach and lower Ab workout for your Buttocks

One of the best and most widely used workouts for your lower abdominal region is the crunch.  It’s powerful because it targets only the region you are trying to target - the lower abs.  Crunches can be done anywhere without any special equipment.  They’re also useful for people of all skill levels.  You simply do as many as you can in a day, and slowly increase the number of crunches you do as you improve muscle strength.  If you develop some real strength and need a greater challenge, you can always hold a weight as you perform the crunch for extra strength training.

So how do you do a crunch and get the best lower ab workout possible?  First, find a clear area of the floor in your house, preferably a carpeted section for extra comfort.  Next, lie on your back and bend your knees up so that your feet are flat on the floor.  Next, fold your hands and place them in your lap.  If you want a slightly harder workout, place your hands behind your head.  Now, to do the crunch, you will want to think about moving your shoulders and your head up toward the ceiling. Don’t concentrate on swinging your torso toward your knees as you would in doing a sit up, but instead think about this movement straight upward.  You will feel your abdominal muscles, especially your lower abs, working to lift your head and shoulders.

Do as many of these crunches as you can without hurting yourself, then rest for about sixty seconds.  After resting, do another set of as many crunches as you can without hurting yourself.

Focus on doing this exercise ever day.  With practice and determination, as well as proper dieting, you’ll soon be on your way to a slimmer stomach and a healthier body.

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22 Comments To "Flatter Stomach and lower Ab workout for your Buttocks"
Md Mina - 09/04/2015

Your guidance regarding it is 100 % acceptable. It is better if you provide video tutorial of it and it would be more acceptable. Hope we will get it shortly.
Sanka - 09/04/2015

Clearly explain how to do Crunch to flatter stomach and lower Ab. Nice information for who suffering with fat belly obesity.
Romesh - 09/04/2015

wow this is Nice. my father should see this coz he using a Tablet for Torch Muscles in Stomach area. but not result get for that table he still use it he think his Muscles are torched. I think this will more useful for him and can get result faster than Tablet.
Cozy - 09/04/2015

I think this medical product is good.
Rainey - 09/04/2015

I think It is the best product I have encountered
Niloy - 09/04/2015

I think this is an effective workout for them who are becoming lazy day by day and don't want to go gym because of shortage of time. These types of free hand home exercise help us to keep our body fit and free from diseases and fattiness.
Suni - 09/04/2015

If someone is thinking of re-sizing his/her lower abs, crunches are the best option for her/him. They are useful for all classes of people. If the product is used the right way, the positive result is a must. The user will get an excellent abs.
takeq hosen - 09/04/2015

This blog is very beneficial for us. I need a sound health so this method I will try thanks a lot.
Sunny - 26/11/2013

If someone is thinking of re-sizing his/her lower abs, crunches are the best option for her/him. They are useful for all classes of people. If the product is used the right way. The user will get excellent abs and buttocks. The use of Brand New Booty is effective as well, combined with exercise.
melissar - 23/11/2013

hi , i used to do butt crunches, and buttocks enhancement squats when i was in my school..and now i got so many changes in my life..like marriage..job ,and so many other responsibilities on my shoulder ..so i have just stop working out....and now its been 6 months my tummy has came out like something has been put in my stomach...what is the better way to get out this without going for a hectic exercise schedule?

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